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We are manufacture Gold Jeweller from 6th Gen from India. We have establish our First Dhunna Jeweller Business in Giddarh Pindi Since 1820. Then we migrate to Moga back in 1980 and opened our showroom in Moga. We use to have 2 showrooms in Moga at that time. Then we migrate to New Zealand in 1999 and settled in Tauranga City (North Island of New Zealand) and opened First Indian Gold Jewellery shop in Tauranga city. We have stayed there from 1999 to 2010 and serve all different type of Comminuties. In 2010 we all family members moved to Australia in 2010 and start working in different fields e.g. Start Building Townhouses, 3 different Retail Businesses (Which are still running). After all this, we were working in Gold Jewellery business from home since 2010 and we started serve our customers from Home and other jewellery Businesses in Australia wide since 2010. We sending our gold jewellery supply to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other jewellery shops in Dandenong, on Sydney Road, Coburg ands still serving our compertors in different cities. After we got the good response and feedback from our community and from other jewellery shops then we decided to open our own showroom in Melbourne and now we are here to help with your Gold Jewellery which you have left back in home country. Dhunna Jewellers serve all kind of Mutlticutral client in Dandnenong. As you know that Australia is Multicultral Country and Dandenong has more than 180 different communites itself. Apart from that we have our showroom in India (Punjab).


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